Best Canon Camera for Everyone

Are you looking for best canon camera for everyone For Canon lovers, here is the fairly comprehensive list of the best Canon cameras by category, features, and price range, from professional DSLRs, mirrorless to beginner bridge, all the way down to compact vlogging and DSLRs. holidays.

What is the Best canon camera for everyone

When it comes to cameras and photographic accessories , Canon is the go-to brand, chosen by many professional photographers and many hobbyists. The Canon brand stands for reliability and build quality , has an incredibly strong reputation, and continues to design digital cameras that are among the best in the industry. Canon is one of the few companies that can truly address all of your needs for features and pricing.

The quality of Canon cameras is even more attractive thanks to the numerous compatibility options with lenses and accessories in general. The Canon line is the best on the market to date, with photographic lenses of all kinds and for all needs. In fact, by choosing this brand, you have an infinite number of options and you can update your instruments at any time without compatibility problems.

Best Canon Cameras

Best Canon cameras In this ranking I have selected the best Canon cameras on the current market by class and price range, from DSLR pro, mirrorless and superzoom bridges to compact pocket cameras, to give you a complete overview and better understand which model to choose according to your needs. .

Best canon camera for everyone (Canon EOS 1D X Mark II)

  1. Category: Canon professional SLR camera with interchangeable lenses
  2. Sensor: CMOS full frame, 20.8MP
  3. Pros: fast and agile, sublime quality for photos and videos.
  4. Cons: high-end price, big and heavy
The EOS 1DX Mark II is Canon’s best professional camera , suitable for professionals and projects of a certain size. One of the most important qualities of this camera is its total impermeability and resistance to weather and ice. With this Canon DSLR camera you can shoot in any situation, its robustness and build quality is unrivaled.
The camera body accepts Canon EF lenses, or third-party manufactured lenses with the same mount. There is no internal stabilizer, so it is recommended to buy stabilized lenses, which are easy to find in the Canon catalog.
Performance is top-notch too, the Dual DIGIC 6+ image processor is a monster at speed, and the Dual Pixel Autofocus system is super fast, with 61 AF points available on the sensor.
This is also one of the few DSLRs that can record 4K video at 60fps, making it great for video professionals who want to use a DSLR to produce quality movies.

One of the downsides to this camera is the absence of an articulating screen, but the screen quality is far above average, with 1,620,000 dots of resolution and touchscreen functionality for focus.</div

Best Cheap canon Camera for Everyone (Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

  • Category: professional SLR camera with interchangeable lenses
  • Sensor: CMOS FULL-FRAME 30.4MP
  • Pros: build quality, versatility for professional photographers
  • Cons: fixed screen, limited 4K video
One of Canon’s most widely used professional cameras, the 5D Mark IV offers a very affordable package of quality features and is built to last and to deliver extremely high-quality photos.
Together with its rival Nikon D850 , the Canon EOS 5D represents a standard in professional portrait, sports and action, landscape and street photography. The AF system consists of 61 focus points, with dual-pixel technology for impressive speed.
The large number of pixels available in the sensor allows printing in large formats, the screen is 3.2 inches with touch screen functionality, but it is not removable from the camera body, to be used only in a fixed position.
Image quality is excellent, even at high ISO and in low-light situations, perfect for weddings and for field photography when external light sources are not available.

Those who want to produce videos in 4K quality are not recommended, because the available file format is not the best. You can continue to record videos in Full HD without problems, with remarkable image quality.

Best Affordable Canon Camera For Everyone (Canon EOS R)

  • Category: mirrorless with interchangeable lenses
  • Sensor: CMOS FULL-FRAME, 30.3MP
  • Pros: lightweight body, excellent VF
  • Cons: only one SD slot, limited 4K video
The EOS R is the first mirrorless full frame produced by the company , released in 2018. Among Canon’s professional cameras, this is a good compromise and in terms of performance, it is right behind the industry leaders Sony and Panasonic. In the future we will surely see it grow and rise to the level of the best in its class.
The full-frame sensor has a very high resolution, 30 megapixels, to capture 6720 x 4480 photos in JPEG or RAW format. The continuous shooting speed is 8 fps, a quality that leaves much to be desired compared to some other equivalent mirrorless cameras, but which is between the average of professional DSLRs, for example the Canon EOS 5D described above reaches up to 7 fps.
As this is a recent product, with a new RF bayonet mount design, there are not many compatible native lenses available at this time. You can still use EF lenses with an adapter.

The image quality is very good, and so is the video quality. For those who want to shoot in 4K keep in mind that this camera uses a 1.7x crop factor. However, it is excellent for making 1080p Full HD video.

Best budget canon camera for everyone (Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III)

  • Category: compact
  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS, 24.2MP
  • Advantages: light weight and portable, quality above average for compacts
  • Cons: limited autonomy, no 4K video
In the compact camera industry, the PowerShot G1 X Mark III is the best Canon for photography, packing a generous amount of premium features into a beautifully styled, lightweight, portable body.
The sensor is a 24MP APS-C, the lens is of good quality with an equivalent focal length of 24 to 72mm, maximum aperture f / 2.8. There is an excellent quality EVF electronic viewfinder with 2.36 million dots of resolution, plus an adjustable LCD touch screen for selection.
It is no coincidence that this camera is also one of the best compact cameras of the latest generation, excellent both for photography and for vlogging and YouTube videos. The only flaw is the absence of 4K, insignificant detail because the quality of the videos in Full HD is very good.

In terms of performance, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III mounts the Digic 7 image processor, coming from some of the SLR cameras such as the Canon EOS 77D, a processor that makes the camera fast and agile. The speed of the focusing system is also very good, with dual-pixel AF technology for capturing moving subjects and for always-in-focus photos

Best Recommended Canon Camera for everyone (Canon EOS 6D Mark II)

  • Category: reflex with interchangeable lenses
  • Sensor: CMOS FULL-FRAME, 26.2MP
  • Pros: build quality and autonomy
  • Cons: Limited AF coverage
For those starting out with a full-frame SLR camera or those interested in a good backup camera body for professional work, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is the camera of choice.
It is not a camera for beginners or professionals, it is the right mid-range DSLR for enthusiasts looking for quality at a medium price. The design of the camera body is one of the winners, excellent maneuverability and robustness, with the controls positioned in the right places for intuitive use.
The screen is articulated for shooting from all positions, and also for self-portraits. The optical viewfinder covers 98% of the frame. Continuous shooting mode allows you to shoot up to 6.5 frames per second. Also for this DSLR, Canon adopts the same AF system as the professionals described above, Double Pixel Autofocus, which ensures speed and precision

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