Which laptop to buy in best price reviews and comparison

If you do n’t know which laptop to buy for work, personal use or college, we have dedicated this quick guide made by experts with recommendations of the best quality-price laptops today.

There are multiple, processors, inches, sizes, brands and models that many times it is difficult for us to know which laptop to choose.

What laptop do I buy? 10 computer recommendations.

If you are a little lost in the purchase of your new pc and you continually ask yourself which laptop do I buy? you have found the right guide. Here we will recommend several models to know which computer to buy in relation to quality and price and according to the use that you are going to give it.

Also after the top 7 laptops we leave you a guide with tips to buy a laptop in 2021 that will clarify all the doubts you may have. We assure you that you will not regret it and you will not ask yourself again … which laptop did I buy?

Guide on which laptop to buy .

Buying a good laptop will be very easy! In this guide you will find the main factors that must be taken into account to buy a laptop , that is, what a good laptop must have so that our purchase is the best investment. Here you will find tips for buying a recent laptop.

1. Types of laptops

In the next section, we will summarize the types of laptops and explain what characteristics a good laptop must have.


It is a personal laptop that normally weighs between 1 and 3 kg , which is easy to transport and provides comfort at the time of use. These computers can perform the same or very similar tasks to those that a desktop computer can perform, however they have two advantages, weight and size, both of which are reduced . However, they act during a certain and specific moment while they are not connected to an electrical current.


They are a type of laptop generally characterized by having a really light weight and being a type of thin computer, compared to their peers, notebooks . They turn out to be high-end laptops due to their excellent performance and have a series of greater functionalities than the rest of the computers with which it competes. As for the price, it is very varied, since there is a very high range of products and it depends on the specific characteristics that it has, since it varies depending on the processor, memory, graphics card, etc … and a weight that usually must not exceed 2.5 kg.


The robust and desktop computers are computers that show higher power than those mentioned above in many cases, and are intended for use in a static environment, there is no need to transport said computer elsewhere.

They can also be used for the gamer sector , and their price, being limited in many cases in that specialization, tends to be around high figures. However, both performance and durability is much higher than in laptops.

2-in-1 convertibles

This type of computer gets that name due to its ability to transform into tablets, in such a way that it is a hybrid between typical computers with touch tablets.

One of the most notable characteristics is their ease of transport and the lightness of these devices, since they must be adapted to the needs of the consumer, when they need a computer or tablet; And on many occasions, you can even do without the keyboard itself to be able to type on the computer in a tactile way.

2. Which laptop to buy based on inches

First of all, to know how to choose a laptop, you must decide what size you want for your laptop, a property determined by the use you intend to give it. There is a wide variety of laptops with different inches (screen diagonal).

15 inch

15-inch laptops are usually the most common and desired by users. They are specially designed for professional office tasks, video editing and graphic design.

However, they are also in high demand by gamers to enjoy computer games, like 17-inch games.

14 Inch

Generally, 14-inch laptops allow a greater degree of mobility, very versatile. It is a notebook for home use, university or work.

11 to 13 inches

They are the smallest in size, this type of laptop is specially designed for leisure and home use, that is, surfing the internet, watching movies, traveling etc …

I5 laptops

The i5 processors are two notches above, that is, they provide high performance and can be used for professional use, both for work and for university. They incorporate up to 3 processing cores and can reach speeds of between 2.5 and 3 GHz. Therefore, an i5 laptop would be enough to cover your needs if you do not require excessive power.

I7 laptops

They are designated as the latest generation processors, specially designed for professionals, gaming and developers, although without any problems you can use them for personal use. They incorporate up to 4 processing cores, reaching speeds of between 3 a

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